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Securities and Investments

Like most subject matter, if one knows the definition, one can make more of their own decisions. Investing should be approached as: fun, personal, and finally a combination of science and art.Products/ advice are offered on either a product commission basis – or through an Investment Adviser Representative capacity (fee basis percentage predicated on investments under management with National Planning Corporation). We respect all confidences and appreciate your trust. The initial consultation is free. All offers are without cost or obligation.

Pension and Profit Sharing Planning

Three primary concerns which help direct one to the “Best Plan” for your firm/organization; however, often it is critical that one’s accountant be an integral part of the process.

1) Plan Design – Which plan specifically meets your needs? Some questions frequently asked are:

  1. Who is to be benefited, and in what percentage.
  2. How does a plan provide for changing business conditions.
  3. What are the costs of the various plans for your firm and who is responsible for paying them.

2) Plan Administration – What are the requirements for maintaining different plans. Are the costs fair and reasonable, while meeting the regulatory mandates.

3) What type of investments are permitted in the various plans – and is the general performance associated with these types of investments.We often make free costs comparisons so that your optimal plan may be selected.Securities and advisory services offered through: National Planning Corporation (NPC), member FINRA/SIPC a Registered Investment Advisor. JSB Investments and NPC are separate and unrelated companies.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an area that may be either simple, or complex – but above all, it is one of personal desires. If we don’t take the time to lay out our objectives and plan accordingly,various states will impose their laws of intestacy upon us. Often, we work in conjunction with others to make your ideas come alive. In more complex arrangements, we discover that your attorney and accountant are crucial to arriving at the proper solutions. Teamwork is the key.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is often viewed as financial “time insurance”. If you have enough “time,” you will be able to accomplish the goals you and your family want to achieve. If time is shortened unexpectedly for you, the insurance company helps make your financial dreams a reality for others. Life insurance plans offered sometimes appear confusing, but they are not as difficult to compare as one might first assume.

The 3 basic questions are:

1) What do you want for your loved ones.

2) Who should bear the risk if financial situations change

3) Is the obligation temporary or a permanent one.

Life Insurance offered through:

  • Midland National Life
  • Pacific Life Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Insurance Company
  • Banner Life Insurance Company
  • Other products licensed through Ash Brokerage